SalesianaBooks Community of Educators

Welcome to the SalesianaBooks Community of Educators!

The SalesianaBooks Community of Educators is here to empower and support you educators by providing a comprehensive online resource hub filled with valuable teaching resources, tools, and references. We understand the challenges that educators face in today’s dynamic learning environment, and we aim to create an avenue that fosters professional growth and excellence.


In the SalesianaBooks Community of Educators, we envision a vibrant and interactive online teaching resource hub. It serves as a one-stop destination where dedicated educators can access a wide range of teaching materials, collaborate with fellow educators, and stay updated on the latest educational trends and events.


We believe that collaboration and shared experiences among educators are vital for professional growth and development. To ensure the quality and relevance of our community, we have established the following qualifiers for membership:


1. School/Institutional Purchase of SalesianaBooks

To become a member of the SalesianaBooks Community of Educators, your school or institution should have made a purchase of any Pre-school/Grade School/Junior High School/Senior High School SalesianaBooks title or series. 


2. Current Employment with the Client School

Membership is exclusively available to teachers using SalesianaBooks textbooks and, principals and assistant principals of client schools who are currently employed by the school or institution that has availed of SalesianaBooks textbooks as mentioned in the previous qualifier.


3. One-School Year Membership

Upon meeting the above-mentioned qualifiers, membership in the SalesianaBooks Community of Educators will be valid for one school year. This period allows you to fully engage with the community, access valuable resources, participate with like-minded educators, share insights, and gain inspiration from their experiences.


Become part of the SalesianaBooks Community of Educators today and unlock a world of possibilities for your teaching career! Experience the power of collaboration, access exclusive resources, participate in engaging events, and be at the forefront of educational innovation.


Contact now your SalesianaBooks Account Executives or email us at to know how to become a member.