The Amazing World of Science (For Grades 1 and 4)

Textbook Series Description

The series has the following distinct features:
• It is comprehensive as it follows the scope chart prescribed
in the Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies of 2016
by the Department of Education.
• The first chapter introduces the science process skills of
observing, inferring, measuring, classifying, controlling
variables, predicting, formulating hypothesis, and
• Many simple experiments are incorporated in the text
wherever relevant. These experiments can be performed with
easy-to-make apparatus, many of which can be comfortably
improvised by the students themselves.

Product Specifications

Authors Ms. Anna R. Angeles, Ms. Ma. Asuncion A. Cantillon,
Ms. Maria Audris A. Ferrer, Ms. Josephine A. Martinez,
Ms. Vivian D. David, Ms. Milagros M. Lucas, Ms. Louise Marie
C. Tulayba, Ms. Virnalisi C. Rivera, and Mr. Marlon C. Moralejo
Number of Pages
Gr. 1 – 192, Gr. 2 – 336, Gr. 3 – 256,
Gr. 4 – 288, Gr. 5 – 400, Gr. 6 – 288
Book Size 8.0” x 10.5”
Copyright 2018