Applied Economics (Gr. 11/12)

Textbook Series Description

Our objective in writing this book is to make Applied Economics understandable, applicable and enjoyable for Senior High School students, without overly simplifying the issues. Economic issues and policies are rarely black-and-white or good-and-bad. Rather, most economic issues and policies have both advantages and disadvantages, which may favor some sectors of the society over others. In other word, they often involve trade-offs that become points of contention and debate.

Chapter 1 introduces Economics as a social science and as an applied science. It outlines some of the basic economic problems of the country and how applied economics can be used to solve them. Chapter 2 reviews the tools of Applied Economics which will be used to understand the economy. Chapter 3 is the core of the text, where the tools are applied to analyze. It also discusses the various contemporary economic issues facing the Filipino entrepreneur. Chapter 4 presents the tools and techniques for the analysis of a company, industry and environment which will help students identify business opportunities. Chapter 5 shows how to conduct a socioeconomic impact study of a business on its stakeholders.

This uses a conceptual approach, that emphasizes an intuitive understanding of the topics, while minimizing mathematical equations and formulas.

Product Specifications

Mr. Rocky K. Laurel
Ms. Suzanne Zambrano

BOOK SIZE 8" x 10.5"