Areté: Cultivating Filipino Values in the 21st Century (For Grade 7)

Textbook Series Description

The Areté: Cultivating Filipino Values in the 21st Century
textbook series is a response to educating the young and inspiring
them to live an excellent and virtuous life.
The lessons in this series follow the V.I.R.T.U.E.S. framework. This
framework aims to help students develop good habits and thus,
encourage them to practice the virtues.
Victories of life. This section introduces the lesson. It gives
examples of life’s triumphs by showing how virtues can be practiced
in real-life experiences.
Inflame. This part processes the human experiences by explaining
the victory of life.
Rediscover. This section explains the theories and content of
the lesson. All topics are based from the latest DepEd Values
Education Curriculum.
Trivia. This includes some trivia about the virtue/s.
Uplifting Realizations. This section gives suggestions as to how
the virtues can be applied in daily life.
Engagement. It includes product and performance-based
assessments to process the lesson. It also includes case studies
and other formative measurements.
Summary. It contains the topic highlights to summarize the lesson.

Product Specifications

Authors Dr. Fides A. del Castillo, Mr. Clarence Darro B. del
Castillo, Mr. Gil M. Ramos, and Ms. Tricia Anne M. Castro
Book Size 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
Number of Pages Grades 7 to 10 – 208
Copyright 2020