Arete: Values for Everyday Living (For Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 4)

Textbook Series Description

Areté: Values for Everyday Living is a series of Values Education
books from Kinder to Grade Six. It is carefully designed to help the
children acquire the fundamental values in life. It aims to make the
learners appreciate themselves as special people with many abilities
and talents. Moreover, it helps them to become aware of their
relationship with their family, with others, and with God. Values are
standards for determining what is right and wrong and what is proper
and improper. Values Education is a joint responsibility of the home,
school, and society. All should share in the molding of children to become
better persons. The structured learning experiences in the series is
presented in such a way that the learners themselves discover what
they value and apply these values in the choices and decisions they
make in life. If values are indeed caught, the learners are thus guided
to catch the values that come from the learning experiences which they
will process with the teacher. The books contain attractively illustrated
stories and attributes relevant to the learners’ life experiences. The
lessons also provide the learners with opportunities to learn and
practice authentically human values.

Product Specifications

Authors Ms. Lowina C. Fernando, Ms. Myrna C.
Lutaos, Dr. Nora T. Cruz, Ms. Ma. Desiree D. Gallano,
Ms. Grace T. Lansangan, and Dr. Oliver G. Meneses
Book Size 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
Number of Pages Kinder – 256,
Gr. 1 – 240, Gr. 2 – 272, Gr. 3 – 256,
Gr. 4 – 224, Gr. 5 – 224, Gr. 6 – 240
Copyright Kinder – 2018, Grade 1 to Grade 6 – 2018