Art Adventure: Exploring the Creative World (For Grade 7 to 10)

Textbook Series Description

In Art Adventure: Exploring the Creative World, the students are introduced to a broad variety of arts and crafts. They learn to make artworks through step-by-step guides and are given the freedom to express their artistic individual taste in most activities.

This series aims to provide art skills that are needed to further enhance and hone the students’ abilities, as well as to ready the students to a collegiate level of knowledge. It also includes art trivia to introduce to the students the origin of art and the artists behind famous art movements that greatly infl uenced the world of art throughout history. The information will give them better understanding of art movements and a wide grasp of art topics.

Product Specifications

Ms. Rose Carmel C. Vilchez
Ms. Diana Grace C. Vilchez

BOOK SIZE 6.75” x 9.75”
NUMBER OF PAGES Gr. 7- 64, Gr. 8 - 64,
Gr. 9 - 64, Gr. 10 - 64
EDITORS Mr. Victor G. Panizales


Teachers' Manual

This manual is written to help teachers guide students and help them tap their potentials and skills in the field of arts in a deeper approach and a better understanding of art influences and art origin. Semi detailed lesson plans are provided in the manual.

Textbook Outline


Lesson 1 Still Life: Vase and Flowers
Lesson 2 Grid Art Portrait
Lesson 3 Symmetrical Art
Lesson 4 Tree Shading
Lesson 5 Texture Shading


Lesson 6 Color Value Scale
Lesson 7 Watercolor Scene: Monotone
Lesson 8 Composition: Bowl of Fruits
Lesson 9 Rule of Thirds: Vase of Flowers
Lesson 10 Casting Shadows


Lesson 11 Toothpick Sculptures
Lesson 12 Papier-Mâché Greek Hydria
Lesson 13 Melted Crayons Micro-Art
Lesson 14 Polystyrene Foam (Styrofoam)
Lesson 15 Torn Paper Collage Portrait


Lesson 16 Leaves Artwork
Lesson 17 Optical Illusion
Lesson 18 Standee
Lesson 19 Basket Weaving
Lesson 20 Mondrian Art

Textbook Features

The series also provides students with tips so that they can apply them as they create their own masterpiece and art vocabularies that will help them eloquently critique an artwork.