Bisaya: Kabilin sa Atong Kaliwat (For Prep to Grade 3)

Textbook Series Description

This textbook series is a tool for learning the native language for the students. The purpose and goal of this series is to be able to practice their speaking skills, proper pronunciation, reading ability, and how to analyze the Visayan Language. It also helps in the enhancement of knowledge and love for Cebu culture and traditions. The series is the fi rst to off er the Mother Tongue textbook series in Bisaya.

Product Specifications

Dr. Rouel A. Longinos
Ms. Hazel S. Aguisanda
Dr. Laiza Grace R. Cavales
Dr. Norma C. Maratas
Dr. Minerva A. Zozobrado

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES Prep-154, Gr. 1 - 218,
Gr. 2-234 , Gr. 3 - 250
EDITORS Ms. Carolina C. David


Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual for each level that can assist the teacher in the preparation of the lessons. it contains the Scope and Sequence and semi-detailed lesson plans to assist the teacher in the preparation of the lesson.

Textbook Outline


Yunit I Pag-andam Nato
Yunit II Pagtoon sa Eskwelahan Ang Mga Parte sa Akong Lawas
Yunit III Mga Kolor, Linya, Ug Porma
Yunit IV Ang Mga Letra sa Alpabeto


Yunit I Pagsusi sa Kaugalingon
Yunit II Pag-ila sa Mahinungdanong Hiyas (Identifying Important Values)
Yunit III Pagpakabana Diha sa Banay Ug Palibot (Concern for the Family and the Environment)
Yunit IV Pag-amping sa Atong Mga Hiyas (Nurturing Our Values)


Yunit I Garbo sa mga Bisaya (Pride of Visayans)
Yunit II Hiyas sa mga Bisaya (Virtues of Visayans)
Yunit III Pagpakabana sa Kinaiyahan (Concern for Nature)
Yunit IV Pangilabot sa Katilingban (Concern of Society)


Yunit I Pagkamapasalamaton sa Gasa sa Kinabuhi Ug Kahibalo nga Gikan saDiyos (Gratitude for the Gift of Life and God-given Talents)
Yunit II Pagsaulog sa Gasa sa Banay Ug Komunidad (Celebrating the Gifts of Family and Community)
Yunit III Pag-atiman ug Pagamuma sa mga Gasa sa Kinaiyahan (Caring and Nurturing the Gifts of Nature)
Yunit IV Pagbuhi Ug Pagdasig sa mga Hiyas (Living and Spreading the Values in Life)

Textbook Features