Business Ethics (Gr. 11/12)

Textbook Series Description

Ethics deals primarily with the study of morality, i.e. discerning what is right or what is wrong with people’s decisions and actions. Business ethics deals with the application of ethics in the business environment. The realm of business does not have a moral code that is different or apart from what govern life and society. The same standards for what is right andwrong should be upheld.

This book, Business Ethics,introduces the senior high school student to the building blocks of business and business ethics.  

The lessons include the different definitions and viewson ethics based on classical philosophy and virtue ethics, belief systems, and Filipino values. The book has a section on the social responsibility of entrepreneurs to employees and other stakeholders, with a brief and basic commentary on some prevailing management theories. Profit motive and an alternative to profit maximization are also tackled. 

ility, social entrepreneurship shows promise in helping address the world’s most urgent problems.

Product Specifications

Ms. Leah Alvino Macatangay

BOOK SIZE  8.0’’ x 10.5’’