Colors and Shapes Revised Edition for Preschool (For Nursery to Prep)

Textbook Series Description

Colors and Shapes is a series of art books from Nursery to Grade Six. It is purposely written to defi ne and redefi ne the artistic potentials of the learners. It is a spark that will enkindle their artistic potentials and their language and literacy.

The series is a curriculum of fun-fi lled learning opportunities to develop the children’s artistic knowledge in the use of the art materials. It also aims to develop their cognitive expression through language and communication.

Each book contains lessons that integrate visual arts with other disciplines. Moreover, each book presents a fi nished artwork as a model for the learners to concretely describe the activities. The content of each book is integrated with other subject areas such as Math, Science, and Social Science but the primary objective is the value of integrating love for the arts, patience, and open-ended communication with the teachers through dialogue and documentation.

Product Specifications

Ms. Edith Misa Caoile, MA

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder: 80 


Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual which aims to assist the teacher in the presentation of the lesson. It contains semidetailed lesson plans to give the teacher an idea of how the lesson can be presented.

Textbook Outline


Lesson 1 My Wamble Feet Puppet
Lesson 2 My Beautiful Rainbow
Lesson 3 Mountains of Happy Thoughts
Lesson 4 Scribble
Lesson 5 Scribble

Lesson 1 My Family Picture
Lesson 2 Butterfly
Lesson 3 Triangles
Lesson 4 My House
Lesson 5 Spider in a Web

Lesson 1 I Am Special
Lesson 2 Coloring Strokes
Lesson 3 Color Magic
Lesson 4 Color Resist
Lesson 5 Paper Mat

Textbook Features