English for Global Communication-Reading for Preschool

Textbook Series Description

The English for Global Communication Reading textbooks are based on the curriculum guide for five-year-old Filipino children released last December 2013 and the existing Grade 1 textbook. As a whole, it hopes to prepare young learners to become good readers by allowing them to be familiar with words. It opens the world of stories, poems, and riddles. Specifically, it hopes to develop the skills of identifying letters and their corresponding sounds, how they are used in a word, associating a given word with its corresponding picture, and reading sentences using picture clues. Apart from Alphabet knowledge, preparatory reading skills are woven in each lesson (e.g. recognizing similarities and differences, part-whole relationships, rhyming words, identifying patterns, noting details, sequencing, predicting outcomes, identifying cause and effect, etc.).

Product Specifications

Cecilia P. Lacson, Ph.D., and
Ms. Rowena Tolentino - Dayrit

BOOK SIZE 8.0” x 10.5”
NUMBER OF PAGES Nursery – 144,
PreKinder – 192, Kindergarten - 192


Teachers' Manual
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