Enhanced English Engagements: 21st Century

Textbook Series Description

Enhanced English Engagements Series hopes to develop the four macro skills of communication namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening for Grades 11 and 12. Included in the series are Reading and Writing, Oral Communication, English for Academic Purposes and 21st Century Literature.

This series aims to enhance the following competencies: improvement of reading and writing skills, maximizing of listening and speaking strategies for eff ective oral communication in various situations, fostering critical interpretation of Philippine and global literary texts and applying communication knowledge to the academic and professional fi elds. The students will be prepared for both the academic and technical-vocational tracks by modifying texts to include texts specifi c to their fi eld.

Product Specifications

Ms. Debbie L. Tan
Mr. John Enrico Torralba

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
EDITORS Ms. Josefi na Baui


Teachers' Manual
Textbook Outline

21st Century Literature

Unit I Pre-Colonial to American Period Literature
Unit II 21st Century Filipino Literature
Unit III National Artists of the Philippines
Unit IV 21st North American Literature

Textbook Features