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Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon or reality that has already become a buzzword in the lives of most Filipinos. Entrepreneurs, who are the founders and builders of enterprises and businesses, are often called the new heroes, who, with their vision and hard work, and with their eff orts to provide jobs and opportunities to many people, hope to move the country towards progress. Entrepreneurship has been hailed as one of the tools to fi ght poverty. The entrepreneurial spirit has been called the fl ame or drive that inspires people to start new endeavors and projects, to innovate, and to strive against obstacles in order to achieve success. This chapter takes a quick look at the concepts on which entrepreneurship is built, as well as some facts about it.

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Ms. Leah A. Macatangay

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
EDITORS Mr. Victor G. Panizales
Ms. Leah A. Macatangay


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Textbook Outline

Chapter 1 Entrepreneurship: A Growing Reality
Chapter 2 Global and Philippine Development
Chapter 3 Promoting Entrepreneurship in the Philippines
Chapter 4 Entrepreneurship Models
Chapter 5 Entrepreneurs’ Personality: Characteristics and Traits
Chapter 6 Determining If You Have the Traits To Be an Entrepreneur
Chapter 7 Acquiring and Developing Some Traits and Characteristics of Entrepreneurs
Chapter 8 The Business Enterprise
Chapter 9 Marketing, Production and Operations Management, and Finance
Chapter 10 Management and Human Resources
Chapter 11 The Feasibility Study and the Business Plan
Chapter 12 Legal Requirements, Business Ethics, and Social Responsibility
Chapter 13 Social Entrepreneurship
Chapter 14 Gawad Kalinga: Social Enterprise for Poverty Alleviation

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