Exploring Math Possibilities (For Preschool)

Textbook Series Description

Exploring Math Possibilities is a student textbook series for Preschool, Nursery, Pre-kinder and Kinder. It is K to 12 compliant, following the Department of Education’s learning guide released in December 2014, which can be seen through its distinct features. On top of the routine problems involving two-to-three step word problems, the series has separate lessons on solving nonroutine problems. Higher Order Thinking Skills are further developed through tasks that require learners to formulate their own problems. The chapter tests and unit tests can be utilized for summative evaluations.

The Chapter test covers all the skills developed in the chapter to gauge mastery of the content standards. Performance tests with rubrics replaced the lengthy traditional unit tests. Performance tasks are based on real-life situations that are appropriate for the learners. This ensures accurate administration and evaluation of the performance standards set for each unit.

Product Specifications

Ms. Noribel Anne Maigue

Ms. Rowena Tolentino-Dayrit


BOOK SIZE 8 x10.5"

Nursery: 144

Pre-Kinder: 176

Kinder: 448


Nursery: 2017

Pre-Kinder: 2017

Kinder: 2015


Teachers' Manual