Health and Fun: The Wonders of Physical Education (For Grade 1 to Grade 6)

Textbook Series Description

Health and Fun: The Wonders of Physical Education is a textbook series from Grade One to Grade Six. Physical Education has long been recognized as an essential component in educational programs aimed towards the holistic development of children. The production of this series demonstrates the commitment of Don Bosco Press, Inc. to help each child develop and maintain an optimum level of health and acquire knowledge, attitude, and the ability to maintain the state of well-being that will lead to lifelong participation in enjoyable and wholesome physical activities throughout life.

Product Specifications

Mr. Ronualdo U. Dizer
Ms. Maryrose C. Roque
Ms. Hannah Eunice P. Ferrer

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES Gr. 1-472, Gr. 2 - 440, Gr .3 - 504,
Gr. 4 - 456, Gr. 5- 480, Gr. 6 - 416
EDITORS Mr. Victor G. Panizales


Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual that will guide the teachers in using the book more effectively. It contains the unit and lesson objectives, materials needed, the skills and values to be developed, and the teaching strategies.

Textbook Outline


Unit I Knowing your Body
Unit II Moving your Body
Unit III Shape-Up Your Body
Unit IV Your Body and Rhythm


Unit I Your Body and Fitness
Unit II Motor and Manipulative Skills
Unit III Games and Exercises
Unit IV Rhythm and Dance


Unit I Motor Skills
Unit II Exercises and Games for Fitness
Unit III Gymnastics
Unit IV Culture and Dance


Unit I Health and Fitness
Unit II Gymnastics
Unit III Sport Skills and Games
Unit IV Dance

Unit I Fitness, Health, and Lifestyle
Unit II Gymnastics, Movement, and Games
Unit III Discovering Sports
Unit IV Exploring Dances


Unit I Achieving Fitness
Unit II The Gymnast in You
Unit III Sports and Competition
Unit IV Dancing for Fitness

Book Features

The books in the series feature colorful illustrations of the exercises and activities in order to properly execute the positions and movements to be done.