#iNTROSPECT: Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics

Textbook Series Description

#iNTROSPECT is a book made for Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics, a core subject in Senior High School under the K to 12 Curriculum. The Department of Education’s main thrust focused mainly on building the holistic development of the learners through acquisition of cognitive skills that will enable them to be critical thinkers, and realistic and functional learners who are willing to serve the country for the greater good.

Product Specifications

Everlida Diala –
Jimenez, MA

BOOK SIZE 8.0” x 10.5”
EDITORS G. Arjay Banawa at
Bb. Valerie B. Avena


Teachers' Manual
Textbook Outline

Chapter 1 Starting Points for the Understanding of Culture, Society, and Politics (SPU)
Chapter 2 Defining Culture and Society from the Perspectives of Anthropology and Sociology (DCS)
Chapter 3 Looking Back at Human Biocultural and Social Evolution (HBS)
Chapter 4 Becoming a Member of Society (BMS)
Chapter 5 How Society is Organized (HSOPart I)
Chapter 6 How Society is Organized (HSOPart II)
Chapter 7 How Society is Organized (HSOPart III)
Chapter 8 Cultural, Social, and Political Change Sources of Social, Cultural, and Political Change (CSC)

Textbook Features