Math for All (Grades 1 to 6)

Textbook Series Description

Inspired by the Singaporean model, Math for All is an activity-based preparatory and elementary mathematics series designed to address the various needs of the diff erent learners and take the K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum a step further. It’s guided by the principle that mathematics can be enjoyed and learned by all pupils by tapping into their creativity and multiple intelligences and by developing their critical thinking skills.

The Math for All series uses the concrete-to-abstract approach in its presentation of mathematical concepts (concrete>pictorial>abstract.) It integrates action songs, fi nger play, rhymes, art projects, games, refl ections, and outdoor activities in the lesson so as to enhance the learner’s multiple intelligences. The series emphasizes not only a hands-on approach, like working or experiencing, but also a thinking approach, like creative problem solving and refl ecting. Nonroutine questions and investigations are provided to develop the learner’s high-order thinking skills. Likewise, enrichment lessons are included for more advanced learners.

Product Specifications

Ms. Gladys C. Nivera, Ph.D.
Ms. Blesilda Jean D. Infante, MA
Ms. Minie Rose C. Lapinid, Ph.D.
Ms. Daisy de Borja-Marcelino, MA

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES P - 344, Gr. 1 472, Gr. 2 - 440, Gr. 3 - 504,
Gr. 4 - 456, Gr. 5 - 440, Gr. 6 - 408
EDITORS Mr. Patrick P. Castañeda
Mr. Victor G. Panizales
YEAR OF PUBLICATION Prep to Grade 3 - 2013,
Grade 4 to Grade 6 - 2014


Teachers's Manual

A semi-detailed lesson plan which shows the Lesson Title, Objectives, Learning Content, and Learning Experiences. Pages from the textbooks are also shown to guide the teachers to what is being taught or illustrated. Answer Keys to the activities and exercises given in the lesson are also provided in the manual.

Textbook Outline


Unit I Colors, Shapes, Sizes, and Uses of Objects
Unit II Addition and Subtraction of Numbers 0 - 20
Unit III More Addition and Subtraction and Other Number Concepts
Unit IV Measurement and Statistics


Unit I Whole Numbers
Unit II Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
Unit III Other Concepts and Operations
Unit IV Geometry, Measurement, and Statistics


Unit I Whole Numbers
Unit II Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
Unit III Other Number Concepts
Unit IV Measurement


Unit I Whole Numbers and Addition
Unit II Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
Unit III Other Number Concepts
Unit IV Limited Probability


Unit I Whole Numbers and Their Operations
Unit II Number Theory, Fractions, and Decimals
Unit III Geometry, Patterns, and Measurement
Unit IV More Measurements, Graphs, and Probability


Unit I Whole Numbers and Number Theory
Unit II Fractions and Decimals
Unit III Percentage, Geometry, and Problem Solving Strategies
Unit IV Measurement, Statistics, and Probability


Unit I Fractions and Decimals
Unit II Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Exponents, and Integers
Unit III Geometry, Introduction to Algebra, and Measurement
Unit IV Limited Data Analysis