#Media Trends: Importance of New Media Technology to Modern Filipinos

Textbook Series Description

Since the world today is highly reliant on technological innovations, there is a need to educate the young generation on how the modernized world can aff ect them. Every year, new kinds of technology are introduced. While this trend might appear idealistic and convenient to many, it is also undeniable that it may also cause negative eff ects, if not used properly and appropriately. Hence, this book aims to raise awareness on how technology can be helpful and facilitative; and likewise, how it can be risky and unsafe.

Product Specifications

Mrs. Ligaya C. Hidalgo
Mr. Mattheus A. Mopera

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
EDITORS Ms. Maria Victoria Dela Cruz


Teachers' Manuall
Textbook Outline

Chapter I Introduction to Media and Information Literacy
Chapter II The Evolution of Traditional to New Media
Chapter III Information Literacy
Chapter IV Types of Media
Chapter V Media and Information Sources
Chapter VI Media and Information Languages
Chapter VII Legal, Ethical, and Societal Issues in Media and Information
Chapter VIII Opportunities, Challenges, and Power of Media and Information
Chapter IX Current and Future Trends of Media and Information
Chapter X Media and Information Literate Individuals
Chapter XI People and Media
Chapter XII Text Information and Media
Chapter XIII Visual Information and Media
Chapter XIV Audio Information and Media
Chapter XV Motion Information and Media
Chapter XVI Manipulative Information and Media
Chapter XVII Multimedia Information and Media

Textbook Features