Patterns and Practicalities (For Grade 7)

Textbook Series Description

Patterns and Practicalities is a series of four books (Grades
7 – 10) whose goal is for all students to be successful in learning
Mathematics in Junior High School and for all teachers to have
accessible content presented in a variety of formats for a more
dynamic and effective teaching of Mathematics.
This edition of Patterns and Practicalities retains the well-liked
design and approach of the original series.
Revisions to the original series were made to achieve the
• Follow the revised scope and sequence of the topics in the
K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum (2016).
• Address the twin goals of Mathematics in basic education,
namely, critical thinking and problem solving, by including
more investigative activities, worksheets for fun, web links,
quiz bee items, Mathematical challenges, and performance
tasks and rubrics.
Patterns and Practicalities is designed to guide you to a
successful and insightful exploration of the five strands of
Mathematics in K to 12, which are Numbers and Number
Sense, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and

Product Specifications

Authors Dr. Gladys C. Nivera
and Dr. Minie Rose C. Lapinid
Book Size 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
Number of Pages
Grade 7 - 496
Grade 8 - 448
Grade 9 - 496
Grade 10 - 432
Copyright Grades 7 to 10 - 2018