Patterns and Practicalities (For Grade 7 to Grade 10)

Textbook Series Description

Patterns and Practicalities is designed to guide the students to a successful and insightful exploration of the fi ve strands of mathematics in K to 12, which are Number and Number Sense, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. It begins with the new topic on sets, followed by real numbers, measurement, and algebra. At this level, the concepts and relationships in Geometry are all derived inductively. Statistics focuses on graphs and average. To encourage the learners to communicate mathematics eff ectively and to reason mathematically, the exercises include Communicating and Mathematical Reasoning. Performance Tasks and Rubrics are provided to help learners transfer their skills to real-life settings.
Patterns and Practicalities (K to 12) is a junior high school series of books. These books follow the K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum that is implemented by the Department of Education. This edition of Patterns and Practicalities retains the well-liked design and approach of the original series, but has been revised to achieve the following:
It follows the scope and sequence of topics in the K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum; includes more activities, worksheets for fun, web links, quiz bee items, and performance tasks and rubrics to give students better appreciation and understanding of the content; provides the teachers more guidance in teaching mathematics.

Product Specifications

Ms. Gladys C. Nivera, Ph.D.
Ms. Mini Rose Lapinid, Ph.D.

BOOK SIZE 6.75’’ x 9.75’’
NUMBER OF PAGES Gr. 7 - 480, Gr. 8 - 512,
Gr. 9 - 496, Gr.10 - 464
EDITORS Mr. Victor G. Panizales
YEAR OF PUBLICATION Grade 7 - 2012, Grade 8 - 2013
Grade 9 and Grade 10 - 2015


Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual that will help the teachers in the preparation for the lessons. It contains semi-detailed lesson plans and the Answer Keys to the exercises.

Textbook Outline


Unit I Sets and Real Numbers
Unit II Measurement and Fundamental Algebra
Unit III Linear Equations and Inequalities and Introducing Geometry
Unit IV Relations in Geometry and Statistics


Unit I Factoring, and Rational Expressions
Unit II Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables, Relations, and Functions
Unit III Reasoning, Triangle Congruence, and Parallelism
Unit IV More Geometric Concepts and Probability


Unit I Quadratics Equations, Inequalities, and Functions
Unit II Variation, Rational Exponents, and Radicals
Unit III Proving Quadrilateral Properties and Similarity
Unit IV Trigonometry


Unit I Series and Sequences and Factors and Roots of Polynomials
Unit II Polynomial Functions and Geometry of Circles
Unit III Counting Techniques and Probability
Unit IV Measures of Position and Their Applications

Textbook Features