Science Vistas (For Grade 7 to Grade 10)

Textbook Series Description

Science Vistas is a high school textbook series from Grades 7 to 10 written specifi cally to simplify the complex nature of Science. It is aligned to the competencies set by the Department of Education for the new K to 12 Science Curriculum. Science Vistas hopes to help students develop a way of looking at the natural world and realize that it is truly the handiwork of an intelligent Divine Creator.

The series has the following features:

  • Colorful illustrations to present a clear understanding of the concept.
  • The style of authors is simple and direct to the point.
  • Each chapter is introduced by a set of objectives.
  • The SUMMARY OF CONCEPTS reviews the topics taken up by the learners in preparation for the test.
  • The questions in TEST YOURSELF are wellwritten to visualize the concepts presented.
Product Specifications

Mr. Delfi n C. Angeles
Ms. Lieza M. Crisostomo
Mr. Darwin T. Quinsaat
Ms. Salina B. Toledo

BOOK SIZE 6.75” x 9.75”
NUMBER OF PAGES Gr. 7- 400, Gr. 8 - 400
Gr. 9 - pp, Gr. 10 - 352
EDITORS Ms. Carolina C. David
Copyright Gr. 7 and Gr. 8 - 2013,
Gr. 9 and Gr. 10 - 2014


Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual which contains semi-detailed lesson plans that can guide the teachers in the preparation and execution of the lessons. Some pages from the textbooks can be seen here to assist the teacher in finding the topic being discussed in the manual.

Textbook Outline


Unit I Matter
Unit II Living Things and Their Environment
Unit III Force, Motion, and Energy
Unit IV Earth and Space


Unit I Force, Motion, and Energy
Unit II Earth and Space
Unit III Matter
Unit IV Living Things and Their Environment


Unit I Living Things and Their Environment
Unit II Matter
Unit III Earth and Space
Unit IV Force, Motion, and Energy


Unit I Earth Science
Unit II Force, Motion, and Energy
Unit III Living Things and Their Environment
Unit IV Matter