Writing for Active Learners (For Nursery to Prep)

Textbook Series Description

This preschool series is concerned with developing competence in writing. It teaches the basics of handwriting — from drawing simple lines to forming letters, numbers, words, and sentences.

The series not only enhances the children’s motor coordination but it also, through various challenging exercises, provides for the development of their auditory and visual discrimination, reading, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

Most importantly, in the hope of molding good and functional citizens, positive values are incorporated in the lessons.

Product Specifications

Ms. Maria Soledad A. Dagale,
MA Candidate
Ms. Maria Geraldine Miranda,
MA Candidate

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES N - 176, K - 176, P - 176
EDITORS Ms. Emelita A. Briones


Teachers's Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual which aims to assist the teacher in the presentation of the lesson. It contains semi-detailed lesson plans to give the teacher an idea of how the lesson can be presented.

Textbook Outline


Lesson 1 Prewriting Activities
Lesson 2 Letters with Straight Lines
Lesson 3 Letters with Straight and Slant Lines
Lesson 4 Letters with Straight, Slant, and Curve Lines
Lesson 5 Letters with Straight and Round Strokes


Lesson 1 Lines, Curves, and More
Lesson 2 Shapes Here and There
Lesson 3 Capital and Small Letters of the Alphabet
Lesson 4 Fun Exercises
Lesson 5 Writing Numerals
Lesson 6 New Words to Learn
Lesson 7 Phrases to Write


Lesson 1 Dexterity Exercises
Lesson 2 The Vowel Letters
Lesson 3 The Consonant Letters
Lesson 4 Exercises on the Alphabet
Lesson 5 Writing Words and Sentences
Lesson 6 Count and Write

Textbook Features