English for Global Communications (For Grade 1 to Grade 6)

Textbook Series Description

This series is written for students from Grade One to Grade Six. It focuses on both reading and language functions that intend to make the Filipino learner a competent communicator. It also provides varied activities that allow the students to work as a team and at the same time, enjoy quality learning. Furthermore, the learning activities provided in each book are challenging, meaningful, and enriched to enhance the learners’ comprehension, sharpen their communication skills, both oral and written, that will help them develop their proficiency in self-expression and interaction with others using the English language.

Product Specifications

Ms. Ayessa A. Conducto
Ms. Arlene D. Malpas
Ms. Leticia M. Silla
Ms. Cecille V. Sumanqui
Ms. Ma. Dolores F. Bayocboc
Ms. Modest Rubylyn R. Cordero
Ms. Jaquilyn T. Belagan
Ms. Almalyn B. Toledano
Ms. Annabelle L. Buensuceso
Mr. Eric F. Fungo
Ms. Rhodora D. Nebres
Ms. Elena E. Salcedo
Ms. Ofelia A. Dantes

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
NUMBER OF PAGES P - 360, Gr.1 - 358,
Gr. 2 - 342, Gr. 3 - 360,
Gr. 4 - 360, Gr. 5 - 344,
Gr. 6 - 358
EDITORS Ms. Emelita A. Briones
YEAR OF PUBLICATION Prep to Gr. 2 -2012, Gr. 3 - 2013
Gr. 4 - 2014, Gr. 5 and Gr. 6 - 2014


Textbook Features

Each lesson starts with a story to enhance the student's reading skills.

Teachers' Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual which contains semi-detailed lesson plans that can guide the teachers in the preparation and execution of the lessons.

Textbook Outline


Unit I My Home and My School
Unit II The Earth and the Environment
Unit III The Start of Things
Unit IV Media and Technology


Unit I My Family
Unit II Earth and Environment
Unit III Far and Away
Unit IV My Environment


Unit I Home, School, and Community
Unit II The Living Planet
Unit III One World, One Home
Unit IV Technology – Making Things Happen


Unit I Community and Country
Unit II Experiences with Nature
Unit III Adventures to Different Places
Unit IV The World of Media


Unit I Philippines: My Land and My Pride
Unit II Living with the Weather
Unit III Meeting Different People
Unit IV Technology and Life


Unit I Understanding Local and Global Concerns
Unit II Marveling at the Magnificence of Nature
Unit III Journeying to NewWorlds
Unit IV Exploring the Age of Science and Technology